Business Planning

At Van Horn Financial Services, our goal is to allow you to do what you do best—growing your business. Our professionals assist you in identifying and developing opportunities that can help you protect and enhance your company. From start to finish, our priority is in helping you to enhance our employee and executive benefits, assisting with tax-advantaged strategies, and ensuring your business legacy.

Our business planning process focuses on the following areas:

Personal Planning:

  • Coordinating your personal financial strategies with your business strategies
  • Leveraging business benefits to enhance personal security

Partners and Key Executives:

  • Retain key employees/executives through specific strategies
  • Mitigate company hardship in the event of a loss of a key person


  • Design, enhance, and implement cost-efficient and tax-efficient employee benefits

Succession Planning:

  • Design and implement a plan to transition your business to the next generation of ownership, on your terms
  • Ensure that you receive proper value from the business you have worked to hard to build

As economic, life, and industry changes occur, we often need to change and review our goals and needs. Even businesses that have planned ahead carefully will benefit from reevaluating their benefit packages and succession plan on a regular basis.